Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital Atwater, California  Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital - Atwater, California  
1685 Shaffer Road Atwater, CA 95301
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Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital

Our Mission is to provide the highest possible quality of care in an atmosphere of warmth, hospitality and professionalism

We are proud to make a difference for our residents and their families.

Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital Atwater, California
Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital    Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital   Find out more about the Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital weight loss program

Water has many healing benefits and anyone who’s splashed around in the pool on a hot summer’s day knows the good feeling of buoyancy as well as the resistance water can provide. These two concepts are key ingredients to aquatic therapy.

People with weight bearing restrictions, significant leg weakness, can utilize the water to gain strength and gait train in an environment without gravity. Walking in water at waist level a person is 50% weight bearing and at chest level is 75-80% weight bearing.

Our pool is wheelchair accessible with a ramp into the pool. The pool is also heated to provide a therapeutic affect for clients suffering from arthritic pain and acute/chronic back pain. Aquatic exercises will be progressed to bridge the gap between water and land allowing the patient to transition into successful performance in functional activities on land.

Aquatic therapy times are as follows: 
Mon, Wed, and Thurs 3pm to 4pm 
Tues, Wed, and Fri 11am to 12pm

We invite you to visit our beautiful facility.  Our street and postal address is:
Anberry Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
1685 Shaffer Road 
Atwater, CA 95301
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Phone: (209) 357-3420
Fax: (209) 356-2486

Parking. Off-street parking is available in front of our facility. The parking lot may be accessed from Shaffer Road.

Visiting Hours. 12:00 noon to 8:00pm daily.


Outpatient short-term rehabilitative services attend to the emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual well-being of our residents. Please select the links below for more inofrmation:

Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital
Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital

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