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Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital

Our Mission is to provide the highest possible quality of care in an atmosphere of warmth, hospitality and professionalism

We are proud to make a difference for our residents and their families.

Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital Atwater, California
Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital FAQs Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital   Find out more about the Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital weight loss program
Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital FAQsThank you for your interest in the Anberry Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.  Please find below a number of questions we are frequently asked about our services. You may also call us at (209) 357-3420 or send email to 

We have grouped the question in the following functional areas. Just click any of them to see the FAQs. You may click on any question to read the answer.

Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital General Information
Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital Admission Process
Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital Care and Services provided
Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital Your first day of care
Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital Medications
Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital Visiting
Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital Meals and Dining
Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital Non-medical services and activities
Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital Roommates living arrangements

General Information:

1. Which Health Insurance Coverage do you accept?
2. What does my Insurance cover?
3. What is Medicare?
4. What qualifies me for Medicare benefits?
5. What does “Skilled” level of care mean?
6. What does Medicare pay for?  Are there any out of pocket expenses?
7. What is Medicaid?
8. Does Anberry Nursing & Rehabilitation Center accept Medicaid?
9. What is Hospice Care?

Admission process:

10. Explain how I am admitted to your facility. 
      How do you get my information for review?

Care and Services provided:
11. Are your Nurses and Certified Nurse Aides licensed and certified?
12. Do you accept Alzheimer's patients?
13. How many days a week do you offer therapy?  How many hours a day?
14. How often will I be in therapy and how long are the sessions?
15. Do you have doctors on staff?
16. Can my doctor come into the facility to see me?

Your first day of care:
17. What can I expect to happen the day I am admitted?
18. What personal items should I bring with me when I am admitted?

19. Can I bring my own medications from home?

20. What are the visiting hours?
21. Are children welcome to visit?
22. Do you allow pets to visit?

Meals and Dining:
23. Do I select my own menus?
24. Can my family eat with me at the facility?

Non-medical services and activities:

25. Do you have a laundry service?
26. Is there a TV and telephone in my room?
27. What kinds of activities do you offer residents?
28. Do you have a podiatrist, eye doctor, or dentist?

Roommates living arrangements:

29. Will I be with a similar type of roommate? 


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Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital
Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital

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